What need to annual electrical inspection?

Annual electrical system safety verified (Ministry of Industry)

Ministerial Regulations “Prescribing regarding Electrical System Safety in Factory, B.E. 2550”

“Electrical system Inspection in a factory” means an inspection, test, verify, study or research, analysis, searching for information or statistics to be criteria or useful in considering safety production. Transmission, supply, Using or electrical systems maintenance in factory

No.5 Employer must be arranged for annually electrical system verify and certify in the factory by engineer or other person who designated by Minister that published in the Government Gazette. Such inspection and certification must be documented as evidence.

       The provision of documents under 1st paragraph shall be in accordance with Rules, Procedures and conditions as prescribed by Minister that published in the Government Gazette.

       In the event that is reasonable cause The Minister may published in the Government Gazette prescribing rules and procedures for electrical system inspection and safety certifying in the factory under 1st paragraph.

       Electrical system verification and safety certifying in the factory that is classified as building must be arranged by inspector according to laws on building control shall be in accordance with laws on such matter and shall be deemed that employer who has arranged for inspector to have taken action under 1st paragraph.

Electrical systems safety certification and electrical equipment, related laws as electrical system inspections (Ministry of Labor)

Ministerial Regulation “Prescribing Standards for Administration, Management and Operations on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment at Work with Electricity, B.E. 2558”

No.12 Employers must arrange for electrical systems and equipment inspection and maintenance for used safety and shall be made by person registered under section 9 or juristic licensed under section 11 of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act B.E. 2554, as case may be. Record results of the audit and certify for safety inspector to inspect, in accordance with rules, procedures and conditions announced by the Director-General.

Announcement of Department of Labor Protection and Welfare about Criteria, Methods and Conditions for Recording Results of Inspection and Certification of Electrical Systems and Equipment.

Clause 2. Employer shall arrange for electrical system and electrical  inspection and maintenance of business establishment for used safety at least once a year. Electrical system and equipment results record preparation of inspection and certification in according to form at end of this announcement.

In case employer has conducted inspection and certification of the electrical system and equipment according to law on factory or law on building control with electrical engineer to record results of inspection. Shall be deemed to be electrical system and equipment inspection and certification according to this notification. However, recorder of inspection and certification must be person registered under section 9 or juristic licensed under section 11 of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act B.E. 2554 

Clause 3. Employer shall notify result of electrical system and electrical equipment inspection and certification to safety inspector in ​​responsibility area within 15 days from inspection date.

What need to annual electrical inspection?

Inspection can be separated into 2 type as general and all equipment inspection

  1. General Inspections

This stage, General condition of electrical system is simple check. However, inspector must have good knowledge of electrical hazards and their protection. Touching any part must ensure that no electricity or has been properly protected. General inspections are as follows:

1) Electrical wires

2) Circuit breaker

3) Connector or connection point

4) Ventilation in electrical room

5) Ventilation and exhaust for generator room

6) Battery

       2. Equipment inspection

There is inspection looking for defects, deterioration malfunctioned and other. Electrical equipment inspections shall be recorded and results analyze to corrective. Important, some items must be checked while supplying electricity some items must be not before they can be checked due to dangerous. Person who checking must have knowledge in this matter as well. There are several electrical equipment that should be inspected as follows;

     2.1 Transformer

Transformer inspection consists of checking as following items.

2.1.1 Transformer body

2.1.2 Metal parts grounding

2.1.3 Desiccant

2.1.4 Warning/Cautions signs

2.1.5 Transformer courtyard area

2.1.6 Transformer poles

2.1.7 Improvements, corrections, additions or maintenance

2.1.8 Check condition of transformer and other installations.

    2.2 Main switch

Main switch Inspecting consists of checking as following;

2.2.1 Conditions of grounding system and earthing.

2.2.2 Surrounding area of ​​main switch must have free space in order to be able to operate easily. Inspection of the surrounding area and general condition should be checked following,

  • Free space
  • Path into empty area to operation.
  • Check that combustible material is placed next to the main switch.
  • Dust, rough around and inside panel.

2.2.3 Physical abnormalities

2.2.4 Improvement, amendment, addition or maintenance

2.2.5 Other inspections may be additional such as checking the operation of instrument panel, various lamps, etc.

     2.3 Panel board

    Panel board check is to check whole installation area in general area and flammability area. For flammability area should be specified type of substance also.

  • Grounding system
  • Surrounding area
  • Improvement, amendment, addition or maintenance
  • Other inspections as the same as for main switch.

2.4 Other electrical equipment

    Other electrical equipment checks may be only in hazardous areas or storage areas for flammable materials only. When checking must be specified type of equipment. Is it suitable for dangerous area?

2.4.1 Installation area

2.4.2 Equipment and electrical wiring

2.4.3 Surrounding

2.4.4 Improvements, corrections, additions or maintenance

2.4.5 Other inspection is general conditions that can be found from visual inspection such as protection against electrical contact and grounding. Etc.

2.5 Lamps, bulbs and lighting systems

Inspection of lamps, bulbs and lighting systems as following,

2.5.1 Installation and structure of lamp

2.5.2 Lamps and lamp holders

2.5.3 Feeder cables, branch circuits and disconnecting switches of lighting systems

2.5.4 Improvements, corrections, additions or repairs

2.5.5 Other inspection.